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show your bones
skill of an artist
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He said " your going to save money if you want to maintain your way of life." Honey you dont know what my way even is. You just aint ready.
time to get to work is it?

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Hi, I’m Patricia. I’m in school for Communications and, its my job. I cannot possibly explain myself here. (I will say I love fashion, beauty products, skin care, photography, art, love and coffee.) I cannot even begin to showcase my entire personality here. That is why I have a journal. I usually only add people who are similar to me. Artist, writers, producers , fashionista, creative people ,photographers etc… If I do not add you it’s solely because we have nothing in common. I post pictures of my work here, me and my relationships, friendships, thoughts. I take my camera with me everywhere I go. I treat this as my personal journal, even though people can read it. So with all that said , tell me something about yourself. Then I will add you back, if we are compatible.

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